Unique Yoga Classes To Try Only at FitnessFest 2019

An ancient practice that connects the mind and soul, there is simply no other workout that leaves you feeling calm and peaceful like yoga. If you’re looking to try new forms of yoga or looking to step into your first ever yoga class at FitnessFest 2019, read on to find out what’s in store!
Practise Mindfulness & Meditation

When was the last time you felt truly present? Step into the Mindful Movements Morning class by Brandon Chong and Jonathan Lim of Instiinct.

Through slow, instinctive movements and sound therapy, this session is designed for you to start your morning feeling balanced and revitalised. Forget that cuppa, the duo promises to take you to a “different dimension” and provide a better effect than a cup of coffee!

Image credits: Instiinct Studios

If you would like to try your hand at meditation, the folks from Om People Yoga have got you covered! Fill your day with posi-vibes in an intimate, intention-setting meditation session at the Flow Stage and feel energised throughout the day!

Try Your Hand at AcroYoga
Image credits: @jyan.yoga

You may have seen amazing pictures of yogis practising acro yoga on Instagram, and though it might seem “advanced” or even challenging, don’t be fooled! Grab a partner and head down to the AIA FitFam Arena or Manduka Stage and try it for yourself!

So what exactly is AcroYoga? Translated as acrobatic yoga, this popular class combines yoga and acrobatic movements to take your yoga practice to new heights. As majority of these movements require you to be supported mid-air by your partner, it takes strength, focus and a heap of trust in your partner to get it right.

Taught by local instructor Yang Jiamin, these classes will forge deeper connections with your partner ans broaden your yoga practice at the same time.

Twist & Bend at Inversions 101 Class
Image credits: @markbendy

If you feel particularly flexible, check out the Inversions 101 class taught by Mark Louie Maycong at the Manduka Stage. This unique, multi-level class teaches you the art of backbends and inversions with a strong focus on form and flexibility.

Together, Mark will take you through the philosophy of proper flexibility and strength, before guiding you into different postures safely. His classes are perfect for beginners and yogis who want to take their practice to the next level.

Having travelled to Italy, Cambodia and the Philippines to teach his workshops, Mark’s Inversions 101 class is definitely not to be missed.

Explore the Elements at Lunar Yin & The Fire of Yoga

Finally, deepen your practise on the mat with Josh Blau, the co-founder and head teacher of Om People Yoga. Hailing all the way from Australia, Josh is known for his inspiring and transformative classes, merging the fundamentals of yoga and modern day needs to his teachings.

Image credits: Om People Yoga

Wind down after your workouts at Lunar Yin, a Yin Yoga class that promises to give you the deepest rest of your life. The practise engages a strong mind-body-energy connection, allowing you to release any stress and tension held in the body and mind. Get ready to rest, breathe and surrender into deep release.

Image credits: Om People Yoga

Discover your inner fire at The Fire of Yoga, a masterclass designed to stoke the internal fire (or ‘Agni’) at our navel centre. This practise propels you to explore your bondage to fear, attachment, ego and enliven your inherent power.

A unique take on ‘sadhana’ practice, The Fire of Yoga takes you through a series of asanas focused on the core hips and spine, inverted postures, deep pranayama, badhas, kriyas and meditation. Together with Josh Blau’s explorative teaching methods, this class will ignite your personal practice and expand your self awareness to inspire powerful ‘dharma’ in your life.

With a multitude of yoga classes available, FitnessFest 2019 is the perfect time to try something new and push your limits. So grab a mat, bring along a friend and we’ll see you there!

Check out our full lineup and programmes here.