Transformation Tuesday | Roxana Ng

In this week’s edition of Transformation Tuesday, we chat with Roxana Ng, a CrossFitter that proves age is truly just a number.

CrossFit is a multidisciplinary exercise that pushes you to your limit– and Roxana Ng is up for the challenge even at 50 years old. Even though many of her family members disapproved of CrossFit, she decided to pursue it anyway and proved them wrong by being persistent and eventually achieving her goals.

After being diagnosed with benign brain lesion at age 45, Roxana changed her perspective of fitness and focused on achieving her goals of being healthier. “I am healthier now than I was 30 years ago,” she added. Roxana’s fitness story is a true testament that age is merely just a number, and that it is never too early or late to start. Learn more about her journey in our full interview below:

FF: At which juncture in your life did you decide to embark on your fitness journey?

Roxana: I was always interested in fitness; however in 2013 (at the age of 45) I found out that I had a benign brain lesion. This experience was shocking and changed my perspective of life. I changed from a casual gym goer to someone with a serious dedication to fitness, for health.

FF: What goals did you set for yourself, and what did you do to achieve it?

Roxana: After the lesion diagnosis at 45, my goal was to stay healthy to take care of my children. I decided to give CrossFit a try in 2014. Since then, CrossFit has changed my life and helped me achieve my goal.

FF: What are the main challenges you faced, and how did you overcome it?

Roxana: Many people disapproved of CrossFit because they didn’t understand the benefits it presented and didn’t think I could achieve much at my age. I eventually proved them wrong by being persistent to achieve my goals.

FF: Based on your experience, what advice would you give beginners who are thinking of starting their own fitness journey?
Roxana: My advice is to set small and achievable goals; and to demonstrate determination to achieve those goals. On the days you lack motivation, it is important to always remind yourself of the goals you set and why you’re doing it. Finding a partner to workout with is another great way to start your fitness journey.
FF: What are some of your favourite ways to workout?

Roxana: I love to workout with friends, no matter what exercises we’re doing it always makes it fun.

FF: How do you maintain a balanced diet? Any tips to share?

Roxana: I have experimented with several diets throughout the years, trying to find what works for me. I try to cut processed foods, sugars, and reduce simple carbohydrates from my daily intake. I also tend to eat healthy fats (such as avocados), protein, and nuts.

FF: What has been the best part about getting fit?

Roxana: I am a lot healthier now than I was 30 years ago, and a side effect of that is reverse aging – people always say I look young for my age!

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