Transformation Tuesday | Phone Physique

In our first instalment of Transformation Tuesday, we speak to personal trainer/fitness instructor Phone, who shares more about the ups and downs of his fitness journey.

“I was once ‘chopstick skinny’,” recalls Phone when asked about what sparked off his fitness journey. In case you were wondering, yes, Phone is his actual name. Born in Myanmar but raised in the little red dot, Phone’s fitness journey has come a long way since its humble days, having represented Singapore in the recent ‘Mister and Miss Asian International 2019’ competition, where he eventually came in first place.

Dedicating a bulk of his time to improving himself and others, Phone’s Instagram page is filled with useful fitness tips, workout routines and inspiring quotes to motivate anyone to start moving (it also helps that Phone has a charming smile, too).

Read on to find out more about his fitness transformation, and why he believes in teaching his clients the value of ‘how to catch a fish’:

FF: At which juncture in your life did you decide to embark on your fitness journey?

Phone: During my secondary school days, I was chopstick skinny with a good height for my age so people kept calling me names such as “walking chopsticks” hahaha. People kept telling me to do something about my body as it doesn’t look good, and I didn’t get any attention from the girls due to my appearance. My confidence was crushed and I had very low self-esteem. During secondary 2 September school holidays, my friends and I decided to hit a gym just to try something new and kill some time as we have always been playing computer games. After that week, we got hooked into gymming as we see some newbie gains/results. That’s how my fitness journey began.

FF: What goals did you set for yourself, and what did you do to achieve it?

Phone: My goal in life is always about transforming my clients who want to take the first step towards their fitness journey and make a difference in their lives. Personally, I believe in trying my best to guide them with all my heart by teaching them how to catch a fish, not helping them to catch a fish. I teach them everything that I know such that they can be independent when they have “graduated” from my coaching hahaha.

FF: What are the main challenges you faced, and how did you overcome it?

Phone: The main challenge would be working on my weaknesses. I have been doing things that make me feel uncomfortable, like learning new skills that I know nothing about. It may be hard to face rejection and failure, but deep down I know it will be worth in the future. I overcome them by having a positive mindset, and not giving up no matter the circumstance. Always learn from failures and grow from it, instead of dwelling over it!

FF: As a trainer yourself, what is the one philosophy that you share with your clients?

Phone: Always start small! Take your baby steps with small actions. You will get there!

FF: What are some of your favourite ways to workout?

Phone: I love resistance training in the gym. Doing compound movements like squats, deadlift, overhead shoulder press and bench press would be a staple for me. It challenges me so I am looking forward to getting better at it.

FF: How do you maintain a balanced diet? Any tips to share?

Phone: Enjoy everything in moderation! You don’t have to only eat clean and miss out on your life. Life is all about finding a balance for yourself. Enjoy “dirty” food for taste/flavour, not to make your stomach full by binging.

FF: What has been the best part about getting fit?

Phone: Loving yourself is the best part about getting fit. That doesn’t you need to be narcissists. Getting fit definitely boosts your self-confidence which allows you to accept/love yourself. By doing so, You will be able to spread the positive energy with people around you.

Catch up with Phone on his Instagram page (@phonephysique), or catch him LIVE at the Transformation Panel at FitnessFest 2019!