Transformation Tuesday | Kelvin Koh

In this week’s Transformation Tuesday, we speak with Kelvin Koh, who is in the best shape of his life thanks to weightlifting and intermittent fasting.

After a trip to Hokkaido 9 months ago, Kelvin Koh was surprised to find that he couldn’t fully clasp his watch strap! “I weighed 99kg, and I didn’t want to hit 100kg, so I started doing something about it,” he added. The solution? Intermittent fasting.

Kelving dropped 15kg in a span of 3 months, which was more than what he had expected, so he set his eye on bigger goals. He planned to drop to 80kg eventually, and started hitting the gym regularly, doing a mixture of weightlifting and HIIT classes.

9 months later, he adds that he feels “the best I have in years”, and complements the work he puts in the gym with a clean, whole diet. Read more about his transformation in our full interview below!

FF: At which juncture in your life did you decide to embark on your fitness journey?

Kelvin: About 9 months ago. After coming back from a holiday in Holkaido, I weighed 99kg. I didn’t want to hit 100kg, so I started doing something about it.

FF: What goals did you set for yourself, and what did you do to achieve it?
Kelvin: The initial goal was to just hit 90kg. Lose 10 kg. But I was encouraged by the results and set higher goals – to hit 80kg. For the first three months, I practiced Intermittent Fasting . I didn’t exercise during this period. After losing about 15kg, I started doing weights to build more muscles.
FF: What are the main challenges you faced, and how did you overcome it?
Kelvin: The habit of snacking was tough to overcome initially. However with intermittent fasting, it made it easier. I started by having my snacks right after my meals. So that still counted as a meal. Subsequently, committing to a gym workout schedule. I am ambitious. Ideally, I would work out 6 days a week and rest for a day.
FF: Based on your experience, what advice would you give to beginners who are thinking of starting their own fitness journey?
Kelvin: Find out your motivation and stay focused. Be motivated by your results and find friends who are supportive.
FF: What are some of your favourite ways to workout?
Kelvin: I like lifting weights at home and at the gym. I also enjoy HIIT classes at my gym. I do either daily and on some days, twice a day.
FF: How do you maintain a balanced diet? Any tips to share?

Kelvin: I simply try and eat whole and real food. So very little processed food for me. I also always insist on having a portion of vegetables at every meal. On days when you want to eat healthier, you just got to be sure, it’s not fried, has little or no sugar and minimal salt. I think with intermittent fasting, your hormones are corrected and your metabolic rate doesn’t slow. What that means, is that your body will help you eat healthier. Salad will taste better. Clean, simple food will also taste better.

FF: What has been the best part about getting fit?

Kelvin: You have more energy! You look better and you feel better!

Catch up with Kelvin on his Instagram page (@iamasaint), or catch him LIVE at the Transformation Panel at FitnessFest 2019!