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About AIA Vitality

In 2013, AIA Singapore became the first and only insurer to pay members as they get healthier with the launch of AIA Vitality. AIA Singapore was also the first market to launch the AIA Vitality programme, a comprehensive full scale wellness programme that works with individuals to make real change to their health. This is done by applying the principles of behavioural science; keeping individuals motivated

by adding up the benefits of every healthy choice they make, no matter how small. AIA Vitality is available to both individual policyholders and corporate clients, focusing on rewarding members for making choices that help them live a healthy life.


Official Aerial Fitness


As firm believers in wholesome living being a driving force to successful living. FlyWith Fitness is a space, where one can come not only to move but also, thrive in a community of like-minded people. More than just taking flight through movement, FlyWith Fitness aims to combine wellness, mindfulness and nutrition education to help each individual achieve their ‘whol-listic’ best.

Official Ballet Fitness


Balletbody, created by two former professional ballet dancers, Alison Carroll and Lisha Chin. Both spent many years performing with a professional balletcompany and have now taken their passion for ballet and teaching, making it into a workout that is accessible to everyone. Training professionally was a huge part of their growing up and dancing lives and they believe it is the best way to keep fit. To them, ballet can seem like a high maintenance discipline but they were determined to find a way to make training like a dancer fun and accessible to all fitness levels!

Official Bouldering


Climbing is more than just a sport or a means to stay fit. It is a passion, a lifestyle. It has become a vehicle for us to travel not just around the world, but to better versions of ourselves. We have benefitted much from this community, and now through our own movement we would love to share and let you live these experiences yourself. Welcome to the CBD’s first climbing facility. Welcome to Boulder Movement.

Official Boxing Club


The Spartan culture was that of honour, fitness and courage – virtues that are integral to Spartans Boxing Club. Spartans Boxing Gym is made for everyone. For those that want to fight, our professional training team will work with you to better your skills and strengthen your mind. Our aim is to breed winners. For the majority of people, fighting is of little interest but believe us that the training you receive during boxing classes is addictive and will drive you to want to get fitter and stronger every day. We have a team and family atmosphere that makes training at SBC like training at home with your friends.
Official CrossFit


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program originally used by elite athletes, military special forces, law enforcement and fire fighters. Now it’s available to everyone. CrossFit workouts use a combination of weight lifting, body weight and aerobic exercises set to challenge your body to adapt and perform in more ways than before. Each workout is designed to improve your capacity in ten domains, accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, power, stamina, strength and speed. The result of that is holistic fitness and renewed vitality.

Official Calisthenics


We aim to help people understand the potential of using bodyweight to achieve better health and wellbeing. We want to encourage fitness, to educate on the fun and interesting ways to perform different bodyweight exercises, and to educate you to reach the goals you set.

Working out should not be done all on your own. At Singapore Calisthenics Academy, we bring together a community of beginners to fitness enthusiasts to inspire, to lift, and to motivate one another in their pursuit of fitness achievements.

Official Gym


Fitness First is one of the largest fitness brands in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. With 20 clubs and 2113 classes a week, there is something for everyone. Each club is specially designed with its own vibe and unparalleled experience to cater to every unique fitness need. Get the most out of your workout experience and make every movement count with the fully furbished gyms armed with a suite of cutting-edge training facilities and team of certified experts. Embark on a journey to a new, and healthier you today.

Official Indoor Cycling


Ground Zero is a boutique gym offering 50 minutes of RUMBLE (high intensity boxing) and RIDE (indoor cycling) classes set to the rhythm and beat of the music. We burn hard and focus on making you feel better than when you walked in. Each class is set in a dimly lit room accompanied by futuristic lighting interiors and an underground club vibe. With curated playlists, our trainers will inspire you through hard hitting routines which incorporates explosive speed, technique and strength training.

Official Pilates


Breathe Pilates was established in 2011 at Novena Medical Centre and was set up as a boutique Pilates studio, focusing on quality instructors,physiotherapy, a caring community and customised programs for injured clients. We have since gone on to open 3 more studios in the East (Parkway Centre), West (Galaxis at one-north) and Central (Camden medical centre) regions of Singapore.With a general practitioner with a great interest in sports medicine as a director, Breathe Pilates quickly established themselves as a quality Pilates studio that specialises in clinical Pilates and have created partnerships with other wellness professionals, such as physiotherapists, orthopedic surgeons, gynaecologists, chiropractors and osteopaths. All instructors at Breathe Pilates are rehabilitation trained by the STOTT Pilates Method.

Official Pole Fitness

PXD Pole Studio

Being Passionate, Fun and Versatile – is what PXD Pole Studio believes in, and it is this style of Pole Dancing that we embody. We strive to cultivate the love for Pole Dance & its various aspects – Strength, Flexibility, Dance and Fitness, while grounded by a firm understanding of its fundamentals.

At PXD Pole Studio, we welcome all individuals, regardless of age, gender or fitness background. We believe that there is definitely something for everyone as long as you are adventurous and have the passion to try.

Official Rebounding


Jumping® Fitness is the original aerobics rebounding system founded by TOMÁŠ BURIÁNEK and JANA SVOBODOVÁ of Czech Republic. It is a high-intensity, zero-impact fitness program conducted on special mini trampolines. With a combination of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and power sports elements, it ensures full body toning and strengthening


With a community of more than 40 million women, Sweat is the world’s largest digital gym offering the best advice, education and workouts to support women around the world on their health and fitness journeys. Translated into eight different languages and with more than 1600 exercises and 400 recipes, the Sweat app offers women variety and flexibility. With seven different workout programs avaliable, Sweat allows women to choose their fit and work out with five of the world’s best female trainers: Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Sjana Elise, Chontel Duncan and Stephanie Sanzo. The Sweat app is currently Apple’s largest grossing app in the health and fitness category and most recently has been recognised as Apple TV App of the Year for 2018. For more information, visit: sweat.com .


The OM People is a collaboration created to share the transformative power of Yoga and Meditation. We are a nomadic community that believes in embodying our practice. OM People Yoga shares traditional practices in a modern context to give you the tools to live with greater connection, presence and joy. Journey deep into your practice and reveal the OM person within you.