Here’s Why Everyone Needs A #SweatBuddy


No matter how much you love sweating it out in the gym everyday, there will be times when we need a little motivation to push through a tough day (oh yes, you definitely know what we’re talking about). Which is why the element of social fitness makes it so much more fun to conquer a sweat-session!

From group workouts to spontaneous activities, here are 5 great reasons why everyone needs a #sweatbuddy.

You Can’t Press Snooze On Your Friends
Having a group of friends to work out with instantly makes you look forward to each session, no matter how early or late it is. Say goodbye to lame excuses and hello to blasting out a spin session at 7am, or squeezing in a pilates class during lunch. When it comes to fitness, consistency is key, and a sweat buddy will not only hold you accountable to a routine, they will motivate you to keep going and improve with each session.

Deepen Relationships
Exercise and routine has a positive effect on friendships and relationships, especially if you are both training towards the same goal. The saying “a couple who works out together, stays together” applies even to your sweat buddies, and the reason behind it isn’t rocket science either. Many of us prefer social interaction and camaraderie when it comes to workouts, and often feel a bigger sense of achievement when we conquer sessions with our friends. Think about it this way: if simple activities like shopping or brunch is much better with friends, then the same effect applies to fitness too!

Reach Your Goals Faster
Just reached your personal best on the bar? Or maybe you’ve finally mastered a handstand after practicing for months? If you have a sweat buddy, they will always be there to cheer you on! Sure, getting cheered on may seem small, but remember, most of us enjoy sharing achievements with someone we trust, and any aspect of motivation drives you to do better and eventually reach your goals! Furthermore, if a group of friends are all equipped with knowledge and skills regarding different workouts, they can complement each other and ensure that everyone uses the right form and technique when pushing through a crossfit class, for example.

Healthy Competition
Sometimes, there really is nothing better than a little healthy competition to get you going. If your sweat buddies are all a little competitive at heart, it could be advantageous for everyone to engage in challenges from time to time. It could be as simple as measuring the most steps taken in a day, to running against each other’s best timings. Ultimately, engaging in healthy competitions will motivate everyone to accomplish what may initially seem impossible and improve their fitness levels overtime!

Workouts Are Just Way More Fun
Life is always much more fun with friends, and workouts are even better with sweat buddies, especially if everyone is spontaneous!. If you are having a picnic, be creative and use the space for a quick round of circuit training. Or if your group classes in the gym is full, create your own group class with kettlebells, battle ropes and throw balls and give it a fun name. Having sweat buddies means that the sky’s the limit when it comes to how fun and creative you want your workouts to be.

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