Healthy Treats To Whet Your Appetite At FitnessFest 2019

A heart-pumping fitness festival is never complete without a delicious selection of hearty, healthy food – and trust us when we say, you’re in for a treat! From build-your-own protein bowls to nourish your body after a workout to cooling desserts, we’ve rounded up the best food options across the island to whet your appetite! Read on to check out what’s in cooking in our Food Village!
Fuel Your Mornings With The Coffee Academics

There’s nothing a hot, energising cuppa can’t fix! Perk up your day with The Coffee Academics range of classic and signature espresso-based coffee, with popular flavours like the Manuka and Okinawa available for order. For the ultimate breakfast, pair your premium coffee with The Coffee Academics’ selection of freshly-baked cookies and pastries!

Get an Energy Boost With The Whole Kitchen

If your FitnessFest 2019 schedule is packed with back-to-back classes, be sure to stop by The Whole Kitchen’s booth and take a bite out of their energy pearls and yoghurt pots for a quick energy boost! Freshly made in Singapore with love, these all-natural snacks are gluten-free, low-carb and extremely delicious (we recommend stocking up on a few more packs just in case a craving strikes!).

Tuck Into Colourful Quinoa Bowls with Superlifeco x Fasta

In a unique collaboration between a superfood brand and restaurant, Superlifeco x Fasta offers colourful, healthy and nutritious quinoa bowls that showcases the best of both brands! With three flavours to choose from (Tuna Quinoa Bowl (pictured below), Cajun Chicken Quinoa Bowl or the Vegetarian Bowl), taste the difference and savour the quality of premium quinoa and flavour of Fasta’s fresh recipes with each bite.

Pictured dish: Tuna Quinoa Bowl
Create Your Own Custom Bowls With Grain Traders

Exhausted from your workout? Wind down and nourish your body with these mouthwatering protein bowls from Grain Traders! Choose from 3 delicious bases (couscous, quinoa or cauliflower) and top it off with hearty protein like tuna, chicken, tofu steak or even an avocado for a complete meal.

What’s more, swing by Grain Trader’s booth in the morning to try their Super Cups (in tumeric & chia seeds or cacao & overnight oats) or indulge in the good ol’ Avo Toast.

Get Your Acai Fix with Jujubar

No matter how hectic your day gets, there is always time for Acai. Always. So swing by JUJU bar to satisfy your Acai cravings and watch your stresses melt away! Available in two sizes (baby & regular), JUJU bar will be bringing its Acai, Dragon and Black Sesame flavours to FitnessFest 2019.

If you’re in the mood to take your midday detox up a notch, JUJU Bar will also be stocking up on some refreshing Kombucha too!

Indulge in Coconut Soft Serves With Cocoloco

Who doesn’t love a bowl of icy-cold coconut soft serve? Reminisce on your favourite trip to Bangkok with these pretty coconut ice-cream from Cocoloco! Available in cups or coconut husks (we say, husk all the way!), these creamy and naturally sweet treat is the perfect way to treat yourself after all that hard work put into your workouts!

Are you hungry yet? Make sure to try them all at our Food Village at FitnessFest 2019! Find out more about our full lineup and programmes here.