19 May 2018, Marina Bay Sands


6 Inspiring Women Who Are Trailblazing Their Paths In Fitness

More women are embracing fitness and wellness as a lifestyle, and while fitness might appear to be a male-dominated scene, these bold women are proving the naysayers wrong and paving their own careers in fitness to educate, inspire and empower the community. As it is International Women’s Day, we ask 5 inspiring women in fitness to share what sparked their interest in fitness, and how they manage to balance it all.

Your Essential Guide To Eating Well In 2018

Learning more about proper nutrition and its effects on your body can make all the difference in improving your overall well-being, mood and performance during workouts. The good news is, eating well is relatively simple, and can be inexpensive and sustainable at the same time (no more expensive salads to thin your wallets!).

Here’s Why Everyone Needs A #SweatBuddy

No matter how much you love sweating it out in the gym everyday, there will be times when we need a little motivation to push through a tough day (oh yes, you definitely know what we’re talking about). Which is why the element of social fitness makes it so much more fun to conquer a sweat-session!