8 Incredible Villas for Your Wellness Journey in Bali and Koh Samui

We all have bad habits when it comes to maintaining a sense of wellness. Whether you’re a workaholic or are all too fond of your Netflix account, it can take a great push to get you out of your comfort zone and into the headspace you need to live the life that you want.

As we struggle with the daily grind, wellness retreats and wellness holidays are becoming ever more popular – they’re a chance to escape it all and try out a new version of yourself. Working with The Luxe Nomad, we discovered some of the best villas in Bali and Koh Samui from where you can continue your self-improvement journey. It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, meditation, sound healing, surfing or Muay Thai lessons that will get you to where you want to be, these locations can help you get on track.

Wellness Activities to Try

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a modern form of yoga based on ancient teachings. It is similar to vinyasa yoga but is considered to be much more rigorous.

With the Ashtanga yoga flow, you follow a specific sequence of postures in an exacting order. This means that you memorise your practice and repeat it each time. Ashtanga might sound boring for that reason, but this repetition allows you to forget about the chaos of your world for a moment and go with the flow. Even better, each movement in Ashtanga is linked to one breath. By having to focus on each breath for each movement, the practice becomes more meditative.

Watsu Water Healing

Watsu is the ultimate in deep and passive relaxation therapy. The aquatic bodywork therapy involves gentle body stretches and movements as you lie on your back, cradled in the arms of a therapist, in a heated pool.

During one-on-one Watsu sessions, your heart and respiration rates will decrease while your depth of respiration increases and your muscles relax. This practice helps to balance your nervous system, which reduces stress and actually helps to resolve past trauma.


Good for cardiovascular, shoulder, back, leg and core strength, surfing will tone your body. Beyond that, paddling out to the line-up is a surprisingly good outlet for relieving stress and tension while being able to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sound healing

Sound therapy is all about improving your physical and emotional health through a series of practices like singing bowl therapy. In singing bowl therapy, a practitioner firmly presses a mallet in a circular motion around the outside edge of a metal bowl. The motion produces a deep penetrating sound that’s said to help relax the mind. This relaxation helps to reduce stress, anger, depression and fatigue.

If that doesn’t sound up your alley, there a quite a few other sound therapies available. These include vibroacoustic therapy, tuning fork therapy and brainwave entrainment.

Ideal Villas for Your Wellness Journey

L2 Residence

Where: Laem Set (southern coast), Koh Samui, Thailand

The Basics: The L2 Residence is a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom villa built into a cliff overlooking the sea.

Why: Tucked into a tropical hillside and built into a cliff, L2 Residence is the ultimate yogi escape. The villa even has a floating deck exclusively designed for yoga and meditation.

Bonus: L2 is an architectural gem as it is designed to cascade down towards the villa’s ocean views. Thanks to this design, the villa has views of the Gulf of Siam from just about everywhere you look. And if days on the yoga deck aren’t enough for your peace of mind, there is always the plunge pool with waterfall.

Ban Sairee

Where: Laem Sor (southern coast), Koh Samui, Thailand

The Basics: Ban Sairee is a 9-bedroom, 9-bathroom villa on three acres of private beachfront land.

Why: What better place is there to practice yoga than in your private oasis? Set directly on the beach and with no neighbours for what may seem like miles, Ban Sairee is the perfect place to let go of everything. And with a yoga area set up beneath a traditional Thai barn (you won’t be getting sunburnt under there), wellness may have never been more achievable.

Bonus: Ban Sairee can be a wellness sanctuary not just for you, but the whole family. In addition to the dedicated yoga area, there is a massage sala, tennis court, beachfront 20-metre pool, trampoline and kayaks for paddling around.

Baan Kilee

Where: Lipa Noi (western coast), Koh Samui, Thailand

The Basics: A beachfront villa within the exclusive Chai Talay Estate with 8-bedrooms and 8-bathrooms.

Why: Forget the fact that Baan Kilee is gorgeous, directly on the beach and comes with a dedicated kids zone for a moment. Baan Kilee is the perfect place to go when the best way to achieve wellness is to let loose your inner Hulk (in a positive way, of course). The villa has access to the Chai Talay Estate’s world-class gym. The estate also offers a series of wellness retreats and boot camps – 1-on-1 coaching is also available. The wellness retreats cover everything from guided meditation and sunset yoga, to nutrition and cooking courses.

Bonus: Ok, back to the fact that Baan Kilee is gorgeous (as is the entire Chai Talay Estate) – there is a large lawn, stunning views of the ocean, and tall coconut trees. As well, the villa is fully staffed with a spectacular Thai chef and wellness menu. There is also a 22-metre pool with a children’s pool and a swim-up bar, an outdoor and indoor cinema and a plethora of water sport activities. And, it’s wheelchair friendly.

The View Samui

Where: Taling Ngam (western coast), Koh Samui, Thailand

The Basics: The View is a 4-bedroom villa with a nanny’s room and a six-bed dorm room for children, plus five-bathrooms.

Why: An expansive villa with plenty of space for roaming, exercise and relaxation, The View Samui is perfect for anyone that needs the whole wellness package. Not only is there a dedicated massage sala for total relaxation, but there’s a fully equipped gym when you need to blow off steam, plenty of space for yoga, and tons of equipment and room for activities like croquet, cricket and football.

Oh, and you can also get those Muay Thai lessons you’ve been dreaming of! Plus, there is a 22-metre infinity pool with jacuzzi and shallow area. There’s also a waterfall to help keep all those thoughts away during your meditation time.

Bonus: The view at The View is everything. With the villa’s floor-to-ceiling windows, each bedroom has its own expansive 180-degree view of the ocean and wraparound balcony – and, the kids have their wing of the villa so you won’t be disturbed while you’re achieving max wellness.

Villa Waringin

Where: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

The Basics: Villa Waringin is a 6-bedroom and 6-bathroom villa within the Pantai Lima Estate which is comprised of five standalone luxury villas.

Why: Where rice paddies meet the ocean, you’ll find the ultimate in relaxation. Villa Waringin is not only one of the most sought-after beachfront villas in Bali, but it features a spa room where you can enjoy in-house yoga and wellness treatments. And in those moments when you’re not getting a massage or facial, there are plenty of spots where you can just be and recover – places like Waringin’s 20-metre infinity pool or its beachfront jacuzzi.

Bonus: The tennis court at Pantai Lima Estate has been called one of the best on Bali by professional players. It’s also a very peaceful area – you have to drive 30 minutes to get into the heart of the bustling Seminyak – so you’ll enjoy plenty of privacy for your meditation practice.

Villa Nedine

Where: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

The Basics: An eco-luxury 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom villa designed with environmentally-friendly elements.

Why: Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Canggu and just 100 metres from Echo Surf Beach, Villa Nedine was designed to break you away from the daily grind. The reef break has become one of the more popular beaches in recent years, and here you can enjoy the many benefits of getting out into the surf.

Bonus: Villa Nedine is walking distance to the bars, restaurants, cafés, and shopping of Canggu. As well, it has a 12-metre child-friendly pool, a beautiful lounge and an expansive yard for yoga and other outdoor activities.

Ombak Luwung

Where: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

The Basics: Ombak Luwung Beachfront Estate is a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom set on an acre of land directly facing the world-famous Echo Beach.

Why: The staggeringly large 600 square metre residence has everything you could ask of a house for your wellness needs. There is a beautiful spa pavilion for two that opens up onto lush gardens, and enormous lawn for all your yoga or fitness needs (it’s certainly big enough for a family cricket match).

Then, being directly on Echo Beach, you have world-class surfing directly on your doorstep – and getting into the water, that on its own is a wonderfully cleansing experience for body and mind.

Bonus: Ombak Luwung is only 15 minutes from Seminyak and just outside the heart of the ultra-trendy Canggu area, so with plenty of restaurants, art galleries, cafés and shopping at your doorstep, you’ll never have reason to be bored. Plus, it’s perfect if you’re travelling with your family thanks to its ample grounds and 17-metre swimming pool. There’s also a giant chess board if you need to want to exercise your brain.

Villa Sin Sin

Where: Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia

The Basics: Villa Sin Sin is a complex of three 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom villas.

Why: If meditation is best done at a time and place when you won’t be disturbed, then Villa Sin Sin could leave you in a meditative state for hours on end. The villas have a mezzanine space designed for meditation and are situated behind rice paddies near a tranquil and discreet local Balinese neighbourhood.

When you’re done with your daily meditation, Villa Sin Sin can arrange stress releasing spa treatments, private yoga and art lessons within the villa.

Bonus: Despite being tucked away in its quiet compound, Villa Sin Sin is conveniently located outside of Seminyak so you can enjoy all the fine dining, shopping and beaches you want. Additionally, there is a private swimming pool and private chef who can cater to your every whim.

Wherever you stay, The Luxe Nomad can arrange private lessons and treatments for all your wellness needs.