5 Reasons For You To Be At FitnessFest™ 2018

If you missed the first edition of FitnessFest™ last year, fret not as the one-of-a-kind fitness festival is heading to our shores once again this May! The first edition of FitnessFest™ set the bar high as a destination for fitness junkies and newbies to discover the best in fitness and wellness that Singapore has to offer, garnering over 5,500 participants over the course of two days.

For the second edition of FitnessFest™, festival curators are infusing its five key pillars (Discover, Sweat, Learn, Nourish & Connect) into the day-long programme in an effort to promote sustainable fitness and a holistic wellness experience for all festival-goers.

“After seeing such a positive response to FitnessFest™ last year, we are inspired to work harder and curate an even stellar festival for 2018’s edition. We endeavor to advocate the consistent progression to being the healthiest, fittest version of yourselves in the most real and sustainable way.” said Tricia Sokolovitch, Festival Director of FitnessFest™ by AIA 2018.

So what exactly do these key pillars represent? Read on to find out:


An essential part of anyone’s fitness routine, mixing up the types of workout in your regiment is a good way to add variety, fun and play to keep you motivated to go further. FitnessFest™ is poised to be the only festival in Singapore that brings together a variety of workouts from bouldering, bounce, boxing, CrossFit, calisthenics, parkour to yoga or indoor cycling. What’s more, the festival partners with the best fitness studios in Singapore to deliver an unrivalled experience in the Discovery Arenas!


Probably the most important aspect of FitnessFest™, the festival is curated for everyone to SWEAT! Feel the buzz and excitement from your workouts and enjoy the endorphin high as the festival takes you through over 70 workouts in a single day. Expect an exhilarating weekend of workouts brought to you by an A-list line-up of top pros and instructors. Can it get any better than this?


Ever wondered about the effects of sugar on the body? Or perhaps you are looking to explore different diets but unsure about how to start. FitnessFest™ brings together an entire line-up of nutritional and wellness experts at the Healthy Living Show for everyone to LEARN about a balanced and healthy lifestyle from the best in Singapore. From nutritional and health tips to live cooking demos and many more, the Healthy Living Show is perfect for anyone that’s curious and passionate about improving themselves through a holistic approach to wellness.


What is a fitness festival without clean and feel-good foods for you to refuel after your workouts? Grab your besties and head down to the Food Village to try out guilt-free eats brought to you by our food partners! From grain bowls to bulletproof coffee, the Food Village at FitnessFest™ is guaranteed to uplift your spirits and satisfy any cravings, one nourishing bowl at a time.


Do you belong to a #SweatTribe? Or are you looking out for a #SweatBuddy? Make fitness social at FitnessFest™ and connect with like-minded individuals from all walks of life! We all know workouts are better with friends, and there is no better place to sweat it out with your #FitSquad and build relationships (that go beyond fitness and the gym) than at FitnessFest™.